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S’toria helps companies, institutions, communities and historical sites in their projects to manage their archives and enhance their heritage.

Your history is central to your identity: through the transmission of these historical values, your structure will last and build its future. Nowadays, enhancing heritage is a major communication tool which allows you to anchor your values, your innovation capacity, but also to assert the identity of a brand, a terroir, a know-how through its history.

S'toria protège vos archives.

Protecting your archives, preserving them in the best conditions, is the key part in the Heritage enhancing process.

The treatment of historical sources fosters immersion into the heart of your history, your values, and consolidates a heritage to pass on.

The preservation of this memory also involves taking a further step by supplementing the heritage collection particular to your structure with historical researches, collecting oral archives, and sources that will enrich your past.

S'toria valorise vos archives.

Your heritage can be developed on various occasions: internal communication operations, anniversaries, the origin of a product, history of a know-how, a site or a founder…

Highlighting history is a medium for internal and external communication that fosters the development of innovative marketing strategies, the attractiveness of a location or of a touristic offer. It allows the preservation of its corporate culture, the development of its brand identity and to give sense to your actions.

S'toria transmet vos archives.

Reconnecting with one’s roots also means projecting oneself into the future. Knowing your past is at the same time a source of inspiration and creativity which allows you to promote your activities fostering the adhesion of your employees, your customers, your associates, to supply a tourist offer, to save a territorial or family memory.

Preserving and highlighting one’s history makes it possible to constitute a heritage, to give it meaning, a certain sensitivity and to better transmit it to future generations..

Astérisque S'toria

My expertise at your service

S’toria associates the world of archives with that of communication and cultural mediation. Through my scientific expertise and my experience, I propose a project management combining archiving of all media, heritage strategy and enhancing, to provide a “sur-mesure” solution to your system.

Portrait de Stéphanie Desvaux, fondatrice de S'toria.

From studies in History and archive management...

Since discovering the field of archives at the age of ten during a school trip, I have always wanted to practice this profession. After studying History and Archive management, I specialized in the processing and enhancement of private archives.

... to skills in Archiving, Communication and Heritage Marketing

Nine years of experience as an Archivist and Heritage Project Manager in the Fashion and Luxury world permitted me to develop skills in Communication and Heritage Marketing.

Passionate about History and History of Art, I have developed various projects to highlight the Heritage: guided tours, escape game in a department store, exhibitions, digital communication, educational leaflets, etc.

To learn more about my professional background, check my Linkedin profile.

Astérisque S'toria


Your history has a future !

S’toria aims to tell your story creatively through innovative Heritage enhancement projects.

From the definition of a Heritage strategy to its implementation; from the treatment of your archives to their valorization, S'toria offers “sur-mesure” projects to meet your needs. Each service can be developed independently or constitute the whole of an enhancement project.

S'toria, protéger et étudier

Preserve & study
your history

Astérisque S'toria Strategic consulting in Heritage management

Astérisque S'toria Archiving and managing collections

Astérisque S'toria Managing digitization projects

Astérisque S'toria Support in data base projects

Astérisque S'toria Documentation

Astérisque S'toria Historical and iconographic researches

S'toria, valoriser et transmettre

Highlight & share
your heritage

Astérisque S'toria Exhibitions: content, organization of the event, coordination of scenography, setting up and dismantling, mediation

Astérisque S'toria Events: European Heritage Day, conferences, escape games, team building…

Astérisque S'toria Guided tours

Astérisque S'toria Editorial and audiovisual content

Astérisque S'toria Training in archives management

Astérisque S'toria


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