Your history has a future !

S’toria aims to tell your story creatively through innovative Heritage enhancement projects.

From the definition of a Heritage strategy to its implementation; from the treatment of your archives to their valorization, S'toria offers “sur-mesure” projects to meet your needs. Each service can be developed independently or constitute the whole of an enhancement project.

S'toria, preserve and study

Preserve & study
your history

Astérisque S'toria Strategic consulting in Heritage management

Astérisque S'toria Archiving and managing collections

Astérisque S'toria Managing digitization projects

Astérisque S'toria Support in data base projects

Astérisque S'toria Documentation

Astérisque S'toria Historical and iconographic researches

S'toria, highlight and share

Highlight & share
your heritage

Astérisque S'toria Exhibitions: content, organization of the event, coordination of scenography, setting up and dismantling, mediation

Astérisque S'toria Events: European Heritage Day, conferences, escape games, team building…

Astérisque S'toria Guided tours

Astérisque S'toria Editorial and audiovisual content

Astérisque S'toria Training in archives management